Ashtabula & Painesville, OH


Hearing Services

American Hearing Centers is a full-service hearing practice. We can help with every step, from hearing protection to hearing testing to hearing aid distribution and maintenance. We work with the best hearing aid manufacturers to make sure our patients have good results, and we are some of the most skilled hearing aid repair technicians you will find in the area. We’ve been doing this for decades, and patients return to us because they trust the quality of our services and the quality of our care.


Hearing Evaluations & Hearing Aid Services


  • Video Otoscope Exams: You’ll see what we see! With a tiny camera that looks inside your ear canal, you’ll be able to see your ear canal on a color screen, and we’ll be able to determine if you have any wax blockage.
  • Hearing Evaluations and Speech Testing: We use a series of tests to get a full picture of your hearing loss. Based on our results, we’ll know what you can and can’t understand, what frequencies you need help hearing, and how much we can help you with hearing aids.
  • Real-Ear Measurement: To guarantee a better fit for your hearing aids, once we’ve placed your hearing aids in your ear, we can test exactly how effective your hearing aids are and make any necessary changes to the programming for better results.
  • The Aura Care Lab: This lab is designed to service and diagnose any make or model of hearing aid. Regular service will help keep instruments performing properly and improve battery life. In-home full service is available to those who cannot come to our lab. Please contact us for more information on our in-home service.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming: We specialize in Oticon hearing aids, which we feel are the most powerful, most effective hearing aids on the market with outstanding customer service. Our deep understanding of Oticon hearing aids lets us recommend exactly the right model for your specific needs, and we are able to expertly program your hearing aids to give you the best possible results.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance: Many times we are able to offer in-office repairs that other hearing aid distributors would have to send to the manufacturer. This means you can have your hearing aids serviced the same day you bring them, without needing to be without them while they are being repaired by the manufacturer.
  • Custom Hearing Protection: If you spend a lot of time around loud noises, such as hunting, construction, or live music, it’s essential that you protect your hearing against the damage that can cause hearing loss. We can take molds of your ears to create custom earplugs and protective devices.


A Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

You may be able to find cheap hearing aids online, but unless your hearing aids are programmed to your hearing loss, you won’t hear very well with them. When you buy hearing aids, you need to have them custom fit to really experience the full benefit. American Hearing Centers has been fitting hearing aids for more than 35 years. We know how to get the most out of your hearing aids so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.


Ongoing Hearing Healthcare

Once you are established with your new hearing aids, we’ll invite you to come see us every three months for a follow-up visit. We send postcards so you don’t have to keep track of your schedule. During that visit, we’ll check up on how well your hearing aids are working for you and take note of any problems you’ve been having so we can address them right away. We will change the wax filters and put new domes on your hearing aids, and we’ll even take your hearing aid into our service lab so we can run it through a diagnostic program and make sure everything is working like it should.